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Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam is replacing E-Services with MyTerminal: a more advanced and easy-to-use platform for shippers, logistic service providers and trucking companies. ECT temporarily offers all users the premium functionality of MyTerminal for free. E-Services will be discontinued in the near future. For shipping lines a separate platform is under development.


  • With a single upload you can easily track and trace your containers in real-time and over time
  • Work together with colleagues by using your own labels, search and filter options
  • Get instant alerts when a container or object status has changed

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To make full advantage of the benefits of MyTerminal you need to create a MyTerminal account:

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Always up to date with real-time information


The Estimated Discharge Time gives you full transparency


Monitor the progress of your export booking

E-Services versus MyTerminal

Switch to MyTerminal for a better and more detailed experience

Container status
Object status
Export bookings
Upload multiple containers
Sort containers, objects and bookings
Progress of export bookings
Estimated Discharge Time
Dwell time on terminal
Automatically updated in real time
Search and filter options
Work together with colleagues
Personalised labels
Smart notifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all users need to register for a MyTerminal account, even if you already have an account for E-Services. If you register with us you will be able to enjoy the following benefits through your MyTerminal account:
- uploaded containers/objects and all personalised settings are saved for the next time you login
- work together with colleagues within the same company profile

For each company profile a MyTerminal Administrator is assigned. The Administrator has the ability to manage the company profile and invite colleagues to MyTerminal via the settings button after logged in.

For users of Container Status Import/Export and Object Status we highly recommend to switch to the more advanced MyTerminal platform. E-Services will no longer be maintained by ECT and all functionalities will be phased-out to MyTerminal. This website is updated regularly with the latest news regarding the phasing out of E-Services in favor of MyTerminal.

What customers say

"MyTerminal makes all relevant container status information transparent and has become a necessity in our planning process."
Peter van de LaarCommercial and Operational Manager at Rotterdam Fruit Wharf
"With the use of the Estimated Discharge Time our transport company was able to improve our on-dock performance time by 30%."
Rogier RookLogistics Manager at Nature's Pride BV


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at:

Phasing-out E-Services

Currently MyTerminal offers a more advanced alternative for the following E-Services:

  • Container Status Inland Carrier Import
  • Container Status Inland Carrier Export
  • Object Status
  • Object Status Alerts

This website is updated regularly with the latest news regarding the phasing out of E-Services into MyTerminal.