Export Documentation

Export Documentation

Please note: Only available for users with the ‘acceptance order and MyBookings' permissions enabled.

As of April 17, it is mandatory for the ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminal to register an export document prior to delivering an export container. Shipments of more containers can be notified per booking via MyTerminal by the box operator. As a result, the mandatory registration of export documentation prior to the delivery of these export container(s) expires.

Box Operators

How to make an exception as box operator

  1. Go to the My Bookings functionality
  2. Search the booking you want to make an exception to. In the column DOC you see if documents are required yes/no.
  3. Open the booking and click on the edit button next to ‘Export document required’
  4. Click the 'yes, add’ button to submit the order

The order will be processed, for more information about retrieving the status of your order, see chapter 'Order overview – Export documents'.

You can see the change in the MyBookings overview as well. The booking has now been changed from N.R. to REQ or vice versa. In the DOC column as shown above in step 2 you'll see the change. Repeat the steps above to reset the adjustment.

Not box operators

In the ‘Export’ functionality you can see if documents are required or not in the column ‘DOC’. If this is according to you incorrect you need to contact your box operator, they can make an exception for a specific booking.

Order overview – Acceptance Order

Click on the row of a ‘Export document required’ to see the following detailed information:

  • If you added (yes) or removed (no) the requirement
  • For which booking
  • For which terminal
  • Status: The status of each booking, which can be 'Processed', 'In Progress', or 'Rejected'