How to pay truck charges?

How to pay truck charges?

All companies that deliver and/or collect containers from the ECT terminals by road must be registered with their EAN number at MyTerminal. The road transport tariffs are invoiced via MyTerminal, ECT’s online platform.

At each second day of the month, the invoice for the previous calender month will be sent digitally to the billing e-mail address specified in your MyTerminal business profile. All visits to ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminal are combined on 1 invoice per month. The invoice contains the total amount per terminal and a specification at visit level.

Below the invoice is explained in more detail.


  1. The latest date by which the invoice must be paid
  2. The unique payment reference, mention this at the bank transfer
  3. With a MyTerminal Premium subscription, you get a discount of the first 2 'Distribution surcharge' visits.
  4. Per terminal the total amount of 'Distribution incentives' cannot exceed the total amount of 'Distribution surcharges'. Any surplus is marked as non-refundable amount.
  5. Only payments with this unique payment reference are being processed.
  6. Stichting Mollie payments collects the Truck Charges on behalf of the ECT terminals.


  1. 'Truck ID' contains the license plate number of the truck assigned to that particular ride.
  2. 'SL ID' stands for 'Secure Logistics ID,' and it represents the SL number of the driver who carried out the trip.
  3. ‘Distribution S/P' indicates whether the ride is classified as a Distribution Premium (+13,50) or a Distribution Surcharge (-4,50).
  4. ‘Zero-emission’ indicates whether the ride is classified as a zero or a non-zero emission.
  5. The 'Container' field lists the container(s) involved in that particular ride.