Please note: Import is only available for users with the ‘Import’ permission enabled.

Watch our instruction video about the Import container feature.

Instruction video

Add containers

On the Import page, you can track the Import containers you’re interested in. Add a container by clicking the ‘Add container(s)’ button. A modal will open, in which you can add one or multiple containers. Paste or type a list of container numbers in the box on the left. Click the ‘Add (multiple) container(s) button to add the containers.

Below you have an overview of which information you can view

Container list information

When you’ve added a container, you can see information about the container in the list. The following columns are available:


Container status

The container is pre-announced and present on our terminal, you can pick-up the container.

Action required
There is something that requires your attention, before you are able to pick-up the container.

No Action required
Information regarding the container or the release. By uploading the correct release number some of the messages will disappear.

The container is blocked. The reason is displayed in the message.

ImgExamples of container status

Delete container(s)

You can delete containers you’re no longer interested in. Select one or multiple containers and click the ‘Delete’ button.

To confirm your decision, click “Yes, delete”. If you have accidentally deleted an container that you didn’t want to delete, click Cancel.

Sort the container list

You can sort the container list by any column you want to. Click the column name in the gray bar to sort the list. Click again to change the sorting order from ascending to descending. You can sort by latest added container by clicking on ‘New’.


Filter the container list

You can filter the container list on any value you want to. Click the ‘Filter your list’ button to expand the filter menu. All available values are shown per column. Click the checkbox for a value to apply the filter. Additionally, search for anything in your list by using the search field next to the filter button.


Personal and Company filters

In addition to the filters based on container characteristics, you can filter on ‘Company’ and ‘Personal’. When the ‘Company’ filter is enabled, you’ll see all containers that are added within your company. When the ‘Personal’ filter is enabled, you’ll only see containers that you added.



It is possible to add labels to Import containers. Select one or more containers and click the ‘Labels’ button.


After selecting a label, the labels are visible in the ‘Labels’ column.



For information about adding notifications to Import containers

More information

Detailed container information (with pincode)

You can see detailed container information by clicking on a container in the list. If you have entered a valid pincode, you will see the ‘Overview’, ‘Detail information’, and ‘Documents’ tabs.


ImgDetail information