Estimated Discharge Time (EDT)

Estimated Discharge Time (EDT)

For Import and Transhipment containers, we give an Estimated Discharge Time (EDT), so you can plan the pickup of your container more efficiently. The EDT is based on several operational factors and get more accurate as the actual discharge time gets closer.

The following discharge statuses are available

  • Not yet available: The container is expected, but there is no EDT available yet
  • EDT: The container has an EDT
  • Discharged: The container is discharged
  • Departed: The container has left the terminal

The EDT is available on the Import page and in My Voyages.

EDT on the Import page

Please note: Import is only available for users with the ‘Import’ permission enabled.

After adding an import container, you can see the discharge status in the ‘Discharge planning’ column.


EDT in My Voyages

Please note: My Voyages is only available for users with the ‘MyVoyages’ permission enabled.

To see the EDT for an Import or Transhipment container in My Voyages, click on a voyage and go to ‘Discharges’. In the discharge overview, you will see the discharge planning in the last column.