Switch between profiles

Switch between profiles

Please note: This features only applies if your profile is connected to multiple companies.

Connect your profile to multiple companies

In order to be connected to multiple companies, the MTA of an existing company should add your email address to the company. You will receive a confirmation email if the invitation succeeded. It is not possible to register a new company with an email address that is already used by a MyTerminal profile, you can only be added to an existing company.


How to switch between companies

It is possible to use the same email address for multiple companies. You can switch the company your working in by following these steps:

  1. Go to the upper right corner and click on "Account"
  2. Click on the company name to switch to the context of that company
  3. Personal preferences (e.g. containers, bookings, objects, labels, filters and notifications) of that user profile will then be loaded. Please note that personal preferences are only saved within the context of the company you're working in.


Using multiple browser sessions simultaneously

If your profile is connected to multiple companies, you can still open multiple browsers or tabs at the same time. If your are working in multiple browser sessions and you switch company in one session, you will be prompted to refresh the other browser session. In this way, you are always working in company context you deliberately chose to work in.

Company selection after logout and login

After you logout of MyTerminal, the last selected company will be saved. The next time you login, you will automatically arrive in the last selected company.