This functionality is intended for truck drivers who visit our container terminals.

Connect your CargoCard

First step is to connect your CargoCard

  1. Open the MyTerminal app
  2. Choose visit / bezoek
  3. Click on connect CargoCard / Koppel CargoCard
  4. Fill in your CargoCard user ID and your date of birth and click on ‘Link CargoCard’

Note: When you are logged in with your MyTerminal account, you only need to link it once. Users without a MyTerminal account will need to re-link their CargoCard every 24 hours.

Receiving a MyTerminal account:

On this registration page you can register for MyTerminal.
If you are a driver employed by a (transport) company then don’t register yourself! Please get in touch with your management or a colleague from the planning department at your office. You can request them to create a MyTerminal company for you.

Current visit

If you have an active visit you will see this on the homepage and within the visit page, click on ‘Show current visit’. All personal information about your trip is located here.

In the ‘Activity’ tab you can see every step of your route plan where we'll guide you through the process points at the terminal. The bullet points in front of every process step mean:

  • Green: you have completed this step
  • Blue: you are currently doing this step
  • Transparent: your future step(s)

You can receive push notifications (Check out the notfication page to set up notification correctly) in the following situations:

  • Service messages
  • The availability of your route plan
  • The availability of interchanges

In the ‘Detail’ tab you can find more information about:

  • Remain on truck containers
  • Interchanges

Last visit

If you click on ‘Visit’ you can see all your visits from the last 7 days. Selecting a specific visit opens the 'Detail' tab which includes the interchange(s). The interchanges are also displayed on the MyTerminal website for your planner.