How to login / trouble logging in

How to login / trouble logging in

Watch our instruction video where we provide additional explanation about the login and registration process.

How do I obtain a MyTerminal account & how to log in?

How to login

ECT uses Microsoft, Google and Secure Logistics as a secure authentication system. If you have a corporate Microsoft account or a Secure Logistics account you can easily log in. Otherwise you have to create and link a Google account, you can find a short explanation of how to accomplish that below or on the Create a Google account page.


Problems logging in

Where can I change/reset my password?

ECT does not store your password. You can instead visit either Microsoft's, Google's or Secure Logistic's portal to change your password.

  • For Google you can go to here
  • For Microsoft, you can go to here

I have to register again, even though I already have an account


You are currently logged in with a different email address in your browser.

We, as MyTerminal, do not recognize this email address and therefore we forward you to this page. In order to solve this, choose one of the options:

  • Click on the button ‘Sign out’ and login with your MyTerminal account
  • Use another browser where you are not logged in
  • Use an incognito window

After logging in via Microsoft I receive the following message: Need admin approval


This is the security from your own company.

As ECT we cannot unlock this. It is best to contact your IT department (or the administrator of your Microsoft accounts) who will be able to fix it. This person should log in to the MyTerminal platform via Microsoft and then gets - within the Microsoft environment - the option to allow use of MyTerminal by other users.