Load/Discharge order

Load/Discharge order

Please note: Only available for users with the 'Load/discharge' permission enabled.


To upload one Load/discharge order, click the 'Create an order' button and choose ‘Load/discharge order’ on the My Orders page.

  1. Select the object for which you want to enter the load or discharge list.
  2. When the call reference number is known, we will pre-fill it. If not, please provide it yourself.
  3. Select the order type for which you want to upload the list.You can select both and fill in the template under the correct tab in the template file
  4. Choose the file you want to upload by clicking on the choose file button. (Always use the latest template provided by us. You can download the latest template by clicking the 'Download Template' button.)
  5. Press on the 'Submit' button to submit the order. The order will be processed, for more information about retrieving the status of your order, see chapter 'Order overview – Load/Discharge order’.

File Error Detection

Before the order is submitted, the system will check the file to ensure that no errors are present. If errors are found in the submitted file, you will receive a list indicating which cells are incorrect. Correct the indicated cell(s) and upload the file again.

Template file

Within the template file, there are two tabs: 'loadorder' and 'dischargeorder.' The blue-highlighted table headers are required to submit your order, while all the others are optional.

Multiple containers

When you need to submit multiple containers with identical specifications, you can simply enter this information in a single row and specify the quantity of containers in the 'container' field.