Acceptance order

Acceptance order

Please note: Only available for users with the 'acceptance order' permission enabled.

Acceptance order

To upload one acceptance order, click the 'Create an order' button and choose ‘acceptance order’ on the My Orders page.

In the ‘acceptance order' modal fill in the first step.

Select the flow that belongs to the acceptance order you want to upload.

  • If you choose ‘Known deepsea / feeder’ please select the object related to this acceptance order
  • If you choose ‘unknown feeder’ please select the terminal
  • If you choose ‘continental’ please select the terminal
  • If you choose ‘empty container pool’ please select the terminal and the type

After the first step you can continue to the second step.

Here you have to enter the following information:

  • Acceptance reference number
  • The amount of containers related to this acceptance reference numer
  • Full / empty
  • Sizetype
  • POD
  • Optional: IMO
  • Optional: Reefer information (dry and temp)
  • Optional: Offset

If one of these field is disabled you do not have to fill in this information.

The icons at the end of the row mean:

Click the 'Submit' button to submit the order. The order will be processed, for more information about retrieving the status of your order, see chapter 'Order overview – Acceptance Orders’.


If you click on the IMO field you can fill in the IMO, UNDG and Flashpoint temperature


If you click on the Offset field you can fill in the Overheight, Overwidth left and right, Overlenght left and right


If you click on the temperature field you can fill in dry; yes/no and the setting temperature