Please note: Interchanges are only available for users with the ‘Truck Interchanges’ permission enabled.

Within this functionality, the interchanges of visits to the ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminals are shown. We will save your interchanges for 7 years.

How do I receive information:

Your MyTerminal administrator needs to register the company's EAN number. You can find your EAN number on the Secure Logistics platform. Log in with your XS-ID here and navigate to "company information" in the menu bar to locate your company's EAN number. Please ensure that your EAN number corresponds to the right Company profile and Chamber of Commerce number.

For the administrator:

If you see this page, please register your EAN number. We will validate the registered EAN number within two working days.

If you are not an administrator:

Please ask your administrator to log in and to register the EAN number.

Which interchanges will be shown?

The interchanges of visits to the ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminals which have been executed under your EAN number and the interchanges of visits which have been outsourced under the EAN number of a charter are shown.


Search for a container or license number by using the search box on the top left. You can combine this with the data filter.


You will see the following information on the overview screen. If you want more information regarding a specific interchange, please click on the specific row and a detail page will open.