Import Free

Import Free

Please note: Import is only available for users with the ‘Import’ permission enabled.

Track one container

On the Import page of the Free functionality, you can track one Import container at a time. Paste or type the container in the two boxes on the page.

Please note: this information will not be updated automatically.

Below you have an overview of which information you can view with when the pin code is provided

Container status

  • Ready The container is pre-announced and present on our terminal, you can pick-up the container.
  • Action required There is something that requires your attention, before you are able to pick-up the container.
  • No Action required Information regarding the container or the release. By uploading the correct release number some of the messages will disappear.
  • Blocked The container is blocked. The reason is displayed in the message.


Check pincode

In MyTerminal Free, you'll be able to check if the pin code you received is valid or not. Go to the import page and fill in the container number of the container for which you want to check the pin code.

When the container is displayed, click on the 'more' menu button (the three dots on the right side of the row) and select 'check pin code.'

A pop-up will appear where you can enter your pin code to check if the received pin code is valid.

What's in Premium

If you want to upload multiple containers, use labels, receive notifications and work together with your colleagues, please upgrade to MyTerminal Premium. This is the best choice for professional teams who are looking for advanced insights in their container logistics. Do you want to upgrade to MyTerminal Premium please follow the following steps.