My Bookings

My Bookings

Please note: My Bookings is only available for users with the ‘MyBookings’ permission enabled.

Add a single booking

On the My Bookings page, you can track the Export bookings you’re interested in. Add a booking by clicking the ‘Search booking(s)’ button. A modal will open, in which you can add either add a single booking or multiple bookings in one go. You can only add bookings which are related to your operator code.

To add a single booking, enter the booking number. Click ‘Search booking’ to add the booking to the booking list.


Add multiple bookings

To add multiple bookings, navigate to the Multiple bookings tab. Paste or type a list of booking numbers in the box on the left. Click the ‘Search multiple bookings’ button to add the booking.


Delete bookings

You can delete bookings you’re no longer interested in. Select one or multiple bookings and click the ‘Delete’ button.

To confirm your decision, click “Yes, delete”. If you have accidentally deleted an booking that you didn’t want to delete, click Cancel.


Booking list information

When you’ve added a booking, you can see information about the booking in the list. This information will be automatically updated. The following columns are available:

  • Booking: Booking number of the export booking
  • Opr: Operator code of the export booking
  • Object: Object name for the export voyage
  • Cargo Planning: Cargo Opening Time and Cargo Closing Time
  • Terminal: The departure terminal and subterminal (if available)
  • F/E: The booking contains full or empty containers
  • DOC: Shows if documents are required before you can deliver the container
  • Specs: Shows if the booking contains IMO / Reefer / Off set containers

Status of containers in a booking

The last column in the booking list shows the status of the containers in a booking. The icons per status have the following meaning:

A distinction is made between the following statuses:

  • Known: Containers are known
  • Announced: Containers accepted announced
  • Gate-in: Containers have arrived at gate-in
  • Ready: Containers are ready for loading
  • Loaded: Containers have been loaded

Filter the booking list

Filter the booking list by using the search box. You can filter the list by booking number, operator code, object name, and terminal.


Quick Filter options

Filter the booking list by using the quick filter. You can filter the list quickly by all bookings, problems, attention and complete.

Sort booking list

You can sort the booking list by any column you want to. Click the column name to sort the list. Click again to change the sorting order from ascending to descending.

Personal and Company filters

You can filter the booking list on ‘Company’ and ‘Personal’. When the ‘Company’ filter is enabled, you’ll see all bookings that are added within your company. When the ‘Personal’ filter is enabled, you’ll only see bookings that you added.


Detailed booking information

You can see detailed booking information by clicking on a booking in the list. A modal will open in which you can see the following information:

When you click on the container, you’ll see detailed container information: